Friday, March 26, 2021

Key Benefits of Membership

California resident Jon Aubrey Divens is an accomplished television and movie producer and the founder and CEO of Rocket Media, Inc. He writes and develops scripts, hires directors and actors, and produces films and television shows. With a bachelor’s degree in film from UCLA, Jon A. Divens belongs to the Producers Guild of America (PGA).

A non-profit organization, the PGA works to support professionals working in the film, television, and new media production industries. Membership provides a diverse range of benefits including access to mentors and an opportunity to become a member through the group’s mentoring programs. In addition, members gain access to educational programming including the Produced By conferences at reduced rates and receive a free subscription to the Produced By magazine.

PGA members may attend PGA events at no charge, and are listed in the PGA’s Member Directory. Membership with the organization also provides an opportunity to vote on the Producers Guild Awards and to attend pre-screening releases throughout the year, either in person or virtually.

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Having earned a bachelor's degree in film from the University of California Los Angeles, Jon Aubrey Divens has produced films and TV se...